Corporate responsibility

The aichele GROUP and its business partners undertake to always work according to the following guiding principles:

  1. Laws & regulatory requirements:
    We strictly comply with national and international laws and regulatory requirements, while also doing our bit to combat money laundering, corruption and terrorism.
  2. Ethical principles:
    We promote equality of opportunity, honesty, and fairness to customers, business partners and employees. Potential conflicts of interest are disclosed and treated transparently.
  3. Confidentiality:
    We set particular value on confidentiality and care. Information entrusted to us will never be disseminated, unless such disclosure is required by law.
  4. Responsibility as an employer:
    We promote an inclusive, unbiased corporate culture in a healthy and safe working environment. Our remuneration system complies with the statutory requirements and rewards performance related to long-term success. Active promotion through basic and advanced training ensures our high quality of work.
  5. Sustainability and social responsibility:
    We protect the environment for present and future generations and handle resources protectively. Respect for human rights being a particular concern of ours, we make sure that our partners comply with the minimum labor and environmental standards.